VCSE (Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise) Connect Forum: Leaders Uniting for Social Change in Brent 

In the heart of Brent there are more than five hundred not-for-profit organisations delivering services or advocating on behalf of residents in need. The delivery of services and advocacy on behalf of the sector is essential, but only informs part of the solution.  

It is also important to take the time to connect and share common concerns, solutions, and strategies with like- minded community leaders so that together we can collectively represent the views to policy makers.  

In Brent, locally based leaders from voluntary, community, and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations and the faith sector regularly come together at the VCSE Connect Forum.  

Additionally, there are nine Thematic Community Networks. Their shared mission; To connect, collaborate, and influence policies that directly impact the lives of their service users.  

Are We Being Heard? 

The question echoes through community centres and virtual forums. Are the voices of those who serve on the frontlines truly reaching decision-makers? 

Brent, a borough rich in population diversity and grappling with health inequalities, is the backdrop.  

The answer lies in the collective efforts of VCSE leaders who recognize the need to connect, share key messages, and refresh their commitment to driving meaningful change. 

We invite you to join us to amplify voices, foster change, and create a roadmap for a more inclusive and equitable borough. 

Register for the VCSE Connect Forum 

Register for the VCSE Connect Forum

Join us. Be heard. Shape the future.

The forum is a three-part event, including lunch – kicking off with a focus on the Voice of the Sector and roundtable discussions covering the following critical topics: 

Maternity Services and Support for Women: Providing feedback on consultations and shaping policies that impact maternal health. 

Poverty and Basic Needs: Addressing food access, transportation, shelter, and overall quality of life. 

Access to Information and Guidance: Creating warm spaces for adults and older individuals seeking advice. 

Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy: Pioneering a dementia-friendly borough. 

Health Inequality and Research: Exploring the role of community champions and advancing health research. 

Cultural Needs: Celebrating the diversity of our community. 

Children and Young People: Advocating for their wellbeing and future. 

Creative and Arts community: Creative and Arts community.

Protect our environment – the impact of transport and air quality.

Understand changes in the borough boundaries.

Register for the VCSE Connect Forum

Join us. Be heard. Shape the future.

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