Using Artificial Intelligence reliably to improve patient treatment: public workshops at Imperial College London

Imperial College London are looking at the challenges and opportunities in how data and AI are used in society and they need your help.

By José P. Sousa, Engagement Officer: Research Culture, Imperial College London

We would like to invite you to take part in two interactive workshops at Imperial’s White City Campus, on Thursday 9 May and Wednesday 5 June.


Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are used in many aspects of decision-making, from calculating insurance premiums and exam results, to recruitment and, increasingly, the NHS. But how do we know that the data used to make decisions about our lives is good enough? What questions can we ask to make sure an AI is giving reliable recommendations about our medical treatment?

At Imperial College London, we are looking at the challenges and opportunities in how data and AI are used in society. As part of this, we are bringing together researchers, clinicians and the public to talk about how we can make the best use of AI to improve patient treatment while minimising the impacts of the stuff that doesn’t work so well.

Have you or someone you know experienced medical treatment involving AI? Have you seen something in the news about AI that’s got you concerned? Or maybe you’ve wondered why an AI arrives at a particular recommendation? Maybe it’s none of the above – AI may still be involved in supporting decision-making that affects you now or in the future.

What would my involvement look like?

The workshops will be 9:30-15:30. There will be three sessions (75 minutes each) during each workshop. Each session will be introduced by a 15-minute guest talk with five minutes for questions. There will be group discussion (groups of 7-8) of 40-45 minutes, during which you will be able to freely share your thoughts and experiences, guided by an experienced facilitator. We will have one all-female group including a female facilitator and note-taker. Each session will be closed by a plenary to summarise the discussion.

Do I need to know about AI?

The aim of the workshops is not to make AI experts of us all, but rather to create a space for people to talk about questions and concerns about the way AI affects our lives. You don’t need to have any knowledge of data science or AI to participate.

You’ll help come up with a way for people to ask the right questions at the right time about the reliability of AI and the quality of data used to develop it. By doing so, we will empower and equip society to reap the benefits of AI while understanding the limitations and challenges. This is something we can all be involved in without being data and AI experts.

Will I receive remuneration?

We offer remuneration of £150 per workshop. If you have caring responsibilities and need to make alternative arrangements, please indicate this in the form as we can support with these costs if agreed in advance. We can also cover reasonable travel expenses for those travelling from home to the venue. Complimentary lunch and refreshments will be provided.

How do I express interest?

Please complete this online form to sign up. The deadline is Wednesday 3 April at 12pm.

If you have any questions about the workshops or the project, please email José Sousa, Engagement Officer: Research Culture,

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