Health Inequalities

Managed by the Brent African Caribbean Alliance

The Brent African Caribbean Alliance (BACA) is a newly established organisation that exists to tackle the racial inequalities experienced by African and Caribbean communities in Brent and the surrounding areas.

This BACA project will explore models of engagement with members to amplify their voice, agency and influence on public sector bodies.

This project involves:

  • Enabling BACA members to be involved in setting agenda and priorities for health and care issues.
  • Exploring models of community engagement with African and Caribbean people in order to amplify their voice and influence on public sector bodies.
  • Identifying opportunities for BACA members to influence the local agendas, particularly in the health and social care sector.
  • Working at the grassroots level to collaborate with health and social care sector to change local systems to become local services that meet this particular cohort’s needs.

Get Involved

If you are interested in these volunteering opportunities, we would love to hear from you.

Volunteering Opportunities

We are looking for volunteers who may be interested one of the following opportunities:

  • Learn and apply a variety of engagement tools to see what works in amplifying local voices and influence.
  • Run focus groups.
  • Participate in consultations.
  • Organise awareness raising events.
  • Explore the use of digital tools to maximise people’s voices.
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