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Funding Future Health Solutions – Preparing for Health Funding

27 September, 2023 @ 1:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Get ready for the ultimate health funding prep session at “Funding Future Health Solutions” – join us in person on September 27, 2023,

Local leaders we know you are ready to improve the lives of local residents. You have fundable initiatives that inspire residents, offer early help solutions to patients that can take the pressure of the NHS but how do you secure respectful resources from health focused funders?

Join June Farquharson, the Assistant Director for Health Inequalities and Population Health CNWL, James Sridhara, Senior Engagement and Equalities Manager for Brent, Harrow and Hillingdon, NHS North West London who will share the essentials tools and tips and Kristine Wellington, CEO CVS Brent and 3ST leadership team. Kristine promotes a collaborative health partnership approach and highlights the need for respectful investment in trusted frontline organisations.

Ingrid Durant and Sunah Akhtar showcase ways to transform the lives of residents most in need and why frontline leaders play such an important role in preventative health care for people affected by poverty.

Hot lunch is limited contact Ibrahim. Ansari@cvsbrent.org.uk about dietary requirements.

Learning outcomes

Insights and knowledge to build a business case and increase confidence to influence future health solutions

Organisations will understand the importance of the business case for health sector decision making.

VCSE organisations will learn more about the ICS, understand Core 20 plus 5 framework and gain better insight to the local and sub -regional health funding timetable.

NHS and public sector colleagues have an opportunity to meet frontline organisations that can be sponsored .

Two frontline organisations will share insights to initiatives that delivered community centred health solutions .

Join us and takeaway the key tools to fund your future.

AgendaPreparing the Business Case for Health Funding 12.45 Registration & Healthy Hot Lunch13.15 Welcome Part 1

1. Overview on Health inequalities and role of the VCSE Kristine Wellington, CEO CVS Brent 2. Health inequalities Funding the past – Future Priorities, Tips and TricksGain an insight to for applying for NHS grants, and important aspects to prioritise, finance provisions, onboarding, evaluation metrics, resources, local and system strategies, Sharon Sridhara, Senior Engagement and Equalities Manager for Brent 3. Future Funding – patterns, priorities, population, and plans 4. VCSE community funding health solutions –

Showcase community solutions – Two fundable frontline projects

Natural Kitchen, Ingrid Durant

Sunah’s Crisis Team Crisis Team, CIC. Sunah Akhtar14.15 Part two 1. Introduction – How to build a solid health funding business case – June Farquharson,

2. Small Group Work and Feedback • The community Action Plan • Funding Future Health Solutions the partnerships approach • Menti Meter 15.15 Network and Close

16.00 – You are most welcome to join us as organisations take part in the online health funding session led by Brent Health Matters.



167 High Road
London, England NW10 2SG United Kingdom


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