Our Projects

We work with local communities, Brent Council, the NHS and others to recruit and deploy volunteers to a wide variety of opportunities.  This includes volunteer roles in hospitals, and community organisations – all designed to improving the lives of Brent residents. We deliver services through a range of projects including the ones below:

Community Champions (Macmillan Cancer Support)

This project aims to develop a better understanding of local cancer services ensuring they are appropriate and relevant to the diverse communities they serve.  Early, appropriate health services will help to build trust, improve treatments and improve life chances of residents.

We Wear Heritage (National Lottery Heritage Fund)

The We Wear Heritage project is funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund to focus on the traditional attire and costumes of Brent’s diverse communities. Activities include recruitment and training of volunteers, heritage capacity building and skills development, as well as managing the Community Grants programme.

Health Inequalities (Brent African Caribbean Alliance)

The Brent African Caribbean Alliance (BACA) is a newly established organisation that exists to tackle the inequalities experienced by African and Caribbean communities in Brent and the surrounding areas.

CVS Brent is hosting this organisation to support and manage the Explore funds secured from Propel (City Bridge Trust).  This BACA project will explore models of engagement with members to amplify their voice, agency and influence on public sector bodies.

Back To Health Pathway (NWL Integrated Care System, Third Sector Together, Helpforce)

This project will support patients back to health, from “Living Well” in their communities, to “Waiting Well” as they are on lists for diagnosis or treatment, to “Getting Well” whilst they are in the care of the health service to “Recovering Well” back in the community.

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