With BANG Edutainment

Our journey began earlier this year in collaboration with BANG Edutainment,  We had the privilege of working alongside seven remarkable young volunteers who dedicated a total of 60 volunteer hours to the We Wear Heritage Project.

These enthusiastic individuals honed their oral history skills, delving into captivating interviews with elders. They explored the stories behind the garments they once wore, capturing precious memories for posterity.

Equipped with sound recording and editing expertise, our volunteers crafted audio gems. These snippets resonate with the echoes of the past, bridging generations through shared experiences. The volunteers also used their new knowledge during creative heritage sessions with their peers.

Soon, their journey will continue at the Brent Museum. There, they’ll explore the hidden treasures stored in the archives, and their digital outputs might find a permanent home within the museum’s hallowed walls.

Project Grantees

It’s the Best of Brazil Community

Brazil’s indigenous outfits

Afghan Association of London

Traditional Afghan clothing

Kojo Baiden

African textiles

Brent Chinese Association

Traditional Chinese clothing


Traditional Caribbean clothing

Community Stars

Goan Indian clothing and costumes

Iraqi Welfare Association

Iraqi Historical Costumes

My Romania Community

Traditional Romanian clothing

Tamil Association of Brent

Tamil wedding costumes

Higher Potential

Caribbean youth style influenced by music

Reviving Links

Traditional Somali Hido Iyo Dhaqan clothing


Iranian traditional garb.

Project Overview

If you are interested in these volunteering opportunities, we would love to hear from you.  For more information and to get involved, please contact

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