Our Services

Organisational Development

We offer a wide variety of ways to help you start, develop or improve your voluntary or community organisation or social enterprise.  Our development officer can help groups and people with a range of issues, for example:

  • Starting a new voluntary, community or social enterprise
  • Governance support (including policies and procedures)
  • Organisational strategy
  • Financial support (budgets, bookkeeping, management accounts)
  • Reviewing grants/bids
  • Quality assurance
  • Financial literacy
  • Volunteering
  • Monitoring & evaluation
  • Research
  • Measuring social impact

Training & Events

We provide training (in-person and online) for voluntary and community organisations in Brent. We run workshops on topical issues and host regular events, like the VCSE Forum, which are aimed at the needs of the voluntary sector.

Online Resources, Fundraising & Support

We promote online and digital resources to support voluntary and community organisations.  This includes fundraising opportunities available through the Council as well as other local funders.

Voice, Influence & Policy Positioning

We consult and gather the views of the VCSE sector and represent them on key strategic bodies alongside identifying opportunities for voluntary and community organisations to become directly involved in co-producing Council policy.  This process achieves better outcomes for Brent residents as a result.

We facilitate exchanges within the voluntary sector in order to debate and develop policy positions, e.g., cost of living crisis, advocating funders to financially support the core costs of voluntary and community organisations. 

Thematic Lead Networks

Through these Thematic Networks, local organisations can connect and network with each other, share ideas, debate issues and feed into local policy:

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