Power Your Charity with Free Eligible Tech Grants and Solutions from Microsoft 

Transform your charitable organisation with a free technology grant.

By Ronnie Comfort, CVS Brent Trustee 

Frontline organisations tend to focus efforts on the direct needs of services and related activities. But it is also critical to be ready to optimise technology for managing your organisation and increasing its efficiency. 

To this end, we’re delighted to publicise a new initiative to help the charity sector in Brent to take advantage of FREE tech resources. 

Microsoft is offering a technology grant worth approximately £1,600 per registered charity in Brent. This offering can help your charity simplify IT, enhance productivity, implement cloud software, and reduce costs – while empowering staff and volunteers to collaborate securely from anywhere, on any device. Repetitive tasks can be automated, and Artificial Intelligence can help reduce time in completing day-to-day tasks. 

In addition, MS 365 Premium licences are available free for up to 10 users and discounted pricing for additional users. This is a saving of £2,172 per annum. It’s designed for small and mid-sized charities that need email, Office applications for the desktop, cloud file storage and sharing, web conferencing with IM, audio and HD video, simple device management and advanced security features. 

Programme Benefits and Costs 

If your organisation has a charity number, here’s what’s on offer: 

  1. A free technology grant of £1,600 from Microsoft. 
  1. 10 MS 365 Premium licences free of charge.
  1. An optional cost of £30.00 per device per month (for services provided by Civitas). These include cyber-attack protection, 24/7 IT remote monitoring, corporate-level IT Support, and Microsoft application training. Reduced charges are available for part-time workers/volunteers. 

This initiative has the potential to make a substantial, positive impact on the entire Brent community by harnessing the power of digital transformation and shaping a more technologically empowered future. 

To unlock this grant and learn how it can make a difference to your organisation, contact us at support@cvsbrent.org.uk

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Andrea Dennis

October 24, 2023

I think this is a great incentive for several of our young people, who have either been unable to acquire there own laptops.
We are in the process of providing employability support to young people in the area.
We have made connection with a refurbishment company, to help provide tech to our young people. With the addition of the above we could also now support them in providing software as well.


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