Introducing Brent Leaders Equality & Emergency Partners (BLEEP)

If you’re part of a community organisation that gets called upon during emergencies, BLEEP invites you to join our mission. Read our latest blog to learn more and get involved.

In times of crisis, our reactions are often instinctual: flight, fright, or freeze. But what if we could channel that energy into something more impactful for our borough? That’s where the Brent Leaders Equality & Emergency Partners (BLEEP) comes in.

The BLEEP project is possible thanks to a grant under round two of the Mayor’s Community Resilience Fund – ongoing work to ensure London remains resilient and prepared for future challenges. We join a network of 22 community organisations partnering with their respective emergency planning teams to deliver emergency preparedness strategies as unique and diverse as the needs of each of the participating London boroughs.

Why BLEEP Matters

Emergencies can strike suddenly, whether they’re short-term incidents or prolonged challenges like the ongoing pandemic. Throughout these trying times, one group has consistently stood by our side: the trusted voluntary, community, social enterprise, and faith sector. These local heroes have been there for residents, providing essential support and resilience.

Are You Ready to Make a Difference?

If you’re part of a community organisation that gets called upon during emergencies, BLEEP invites you to join our mission. Here’s how you can contribute:

  1. Skill Up and Connect: Identify representatives within your organisation who can be part of the Brent-wide network. Our goal is to reflect the diversity of our community. These skilled leaders will collaborate with emergency services, including fire, ambulance, hospitals, and the British Red Cross.
  2. Shape Policy and Strategy: Help shape the council’s policies and emergency response strategies between March and October 2024. Your insights matter, and together, we can make a difference.
  3. Learn from Others: Discover best practices from neighbouring boroughs that have successfully responded to emergencies. Let’s learn from their experiences and adapt them to our local context.
  4. Preparedness and Collaboration: Participate in preparedness exercises and visit neighbouring areas. By understanding place-based and neighbourhood emergencies, we can enhance our collective response.
  5. Equality and Inclusion: BLEEP is committed to addressing equality and inclusion, especially for faith-based communities.

Already Joined by CEOs and Leaders

Several CEOs and leaders have already attended Brent’s Emergency Planning Summit in January 2024. Now it’s your turn to be part of this vital initiative.

Express Your Interest

Local leaders, we invite you to express your interest in our 6-month program. As part of Brent’s Community Resilience Sub Group, you’ll gain valuable skills, influence policy, and shape our community’s resilience strategy. Let’s work together to respond effectively to fires, floods, and other local challenges.

Together, we’ll put Brent on the map as a community that stands strong in the face of adversity. Join BLEEP today!

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