Exploring Opportunities for Adult Social Care Services in Brent

Get involved in a Brent Council review of the borough's offering for Adult Social Care services and opportunities.

The Brent Adult Social Care commissioning team is actively reviewing the provision of day services and opportunities within the borough. These services cater to older individuals and those with disabilities, including learning disabilities. The goal is to offer diverse physical and social activities that help people maintain or regain their independence. These activities can include exercise, social and leisure skills, health promotion, quizzes, crafts, day trips, and personalised advice and support. Additionally, these services provide much-needed respite for families and carers during the day.

Widening the Choices

The Council is committed to expanding the options available to residents and ensuring that people have access to culturally appropriate services but recognises that existing social, faith, or support groups within the community also offer valuable services and facilities. These resources are not always well-known to individuals seeking support but could significantly benefit users of Adult Social Care.

Collaborating with Community Organisations

While some organisations may not be interested in direct collaboration with the Council or formal business tendering, they may still be willing and able to support individuals using Direct Payments. The Council aims to:

  1. Identify these community groups, understand their activities, and make this information accessible to service users and social workers.
  2. Share information with these organisations, explaining that opportunities exist for collaboration with the Council. Whether they choose to participate in procurement processes or not, people in the borough are seeking a broader range of services, especially those related to Direct Payments.

Get Involved

If your organisation is interested in learning more about this initiative or wants to share information about its services, please reach out to us at support@cvsbrent.org.uk. We will ensure that your details are directly communicated to the Council.

Let’s work together to enhance Adult Social Care services in Brent!

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