Share Your Stories with “We Wear Heritage” and Celebrate Brent’s Cultural Tapestry

Join us in weaving tales of identity, tradition, and innovation, linking the past and future through the garments we wear.

We Wear Heritage invites you to share your stories! Do you have a cherished childhood memory of a favourite traditional outfit, or are you curious about the history of a piece of clothing you own? Join us in celebrating Brent’s rich cultural heritage through the clothes we wear. By sharing your personal connections with your traditional attire, you will help us honour and preserve our community’s rich history.

Join us in weaving tales of identity, tradition, and innovation, linking the past and future through the garments we wear.

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A Glimpse into the World’s Cultural Wardrobe

We Wear Heritage highlights the history and significance of traditional clothing in Brent, weaving together stories of identity, tradition, and innovation.

We invite you to share your stories, both past and present, about the clothes that have been part of your life. By sharing these stories, you illuminate the diverse communities that make up Brent. Each story reflects our rich cultural tapestry and celebrates our collective heritage. Our hope is that new generations will learn and cherish this important history, ensuring it is never forgotten.

Marika Mason, CVS Brent

See Your Stories Celebrated at Brent Museum

Brent is renowned for its vibrant diversity, where every street echoes with the languages, cuisines, and traditions of its multicultural residents. At the heart of this rich mosaic stands CVS Brent, an organisation devoted to nurturing and celebrating the borough’s cultural heritage through innovative projects and community engagement.

To celebrate this richly diverse heritage, We Wear Heritage will hold an exhibition at Brent Museum showcasing all the stories we collect. This unique event will provide an opportunity to experience Brent’s cultural heritage through the universal language of fashion.

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