Your Voice Matters: Join the Movement to Transform Health and Social Care in Brent 

Josefa Baylon from Brent ICP unveils Brent’s Integrated Neighbourhood Teams initiative, detailing how the voluntary and community sector can contribute to a united effort to transform Health and Social Care in Brent. 

Introducing Integrated Neighbourhood Teams by Josefa Baylon, Head of Integration, Brent ICP 

Are you engaged in the voluntary and community sector or a healthcare, social services, or education professional? Or are you a resident who wants to make a difference in your community? Your unique skills and community knowledge are invaluable. Keep reading to discover the community benefits of Integrated Neighbourhood Teams and how you can play a pivotal role in the transformation of health and social care in Brent. 

Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INT) 

Integrated Neighbourhood Teams (INT) are revolutionising health and social care in Brent and across the UK. These teams, composed of a variety of professionals, proactively tackle the myriad health and social challenges that affect our communities. The benefits include: 

Community Empowerment

Residents will have a direct say in shaping local health and social care services to ensure that services align with community needs and preferences. Through engagement activities and targeted interventions, resident involvement fosters a sense of belonging and connectedness, bolsters community resilience, and enhances its ability for self-reliance and self-care.

Imagine a neighbourhood where residents, like you and your neighbours, have a say in how health and social care services are run. Let’s say there’s a meeting where locals discuss what they need from these services. Maybe someone suggests more mental health support, and another person wants better access to care for older people. These suggestions are taken on board, shaping how services are provided to match what the community wants and needs.

Improved Health Outcomes

Residents who actively engage with INTs can contribute to better health outcomes for themselves and their neighbours because INTs focus on preventive care, early intervention, and holistic well-being to benefit the entire community. Think about a situation where someone in your area notices they’re feeling unwell, but instead of waiting until it gets worse, they reach out to the local INT. The team helps them access the right support early on, maybe through a community health program or advice from a local nurse. By catching issues early and promoting overall well-being, the whole community stays healthier.

Personalised Care

Residents’ input will help our health and social care services move to a patient-centred care model and tailor services to individual needs, promoting a more responsive and effective system in a way that is sustainable. Let’s say you have a family member with a unique health condition. Through INTs, you can have a say in their care plan. Maybe they need specific medications delivered at certain times or prefer certain types of therapy. By tailoring care to individual needs, the services become more effective and responsive, making sure everyone gets the right support.

Reduced Fragmentation

Integrated care means smoother transitions between services, reducing confusion and improving continuity of care. Resident involvement can help break down silos between different health and social care providers. Picture a scenario where a person needs both medical and social care. Instead of having to deal with different agencies separately, INTs ensure all these services work together seamlessly. You won’t have to repeat your story to each new person you see because everyone involved is on the same page, thanks to shared records and collaborative teamwork.

Social Connection

Resident participation in this initiative will foster a community-wide sense of belonging and social support, positively impacting mental and emotional well-being. Consider a community event organised by the INTs, like a health fair or a support group meeting. These events bring people together, fostering a sense of belonging and support. By strengthening social connections, individuals feel happier and more supported, which can have a positive impact on mental health.

Local Solutions

Residents understand Brent’s unique challenges and strengths. These insights can drive innovative and effective solutions to address specific local issues. Let’s say your neighbourhood faces a particular challenge, like a lack of access to healthy food options. By involving residents in INT initiatives, locals can come up with creative solutions, such as starting a community pantry or organising food drives. These local solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the area, making them more effective.

Advocacy and Accountability

Residents can advocate for resources, policies, and services that benefit their community and hold INTs accountable for delivering high-quality care. Imagine if you and your neighbours notice a gap in services or an issue with the care being provided. Through INTs, you can speak up and advocate for change. Maybe you petition for better resources for a local health clinic or ask for improvements in how services are delivered. By holding INTs accountable, the community ensures that everyone receives high-quality care that meets their needs.

How can I get involved?

Get involved with INT today and help make a positive change in your community. We welcome everyone, from individuals to professionals and organisations, who care about community development. This includes people like community activists, healthcare providers, teachers, social workers, and local government officials. Most importantly, we want residents like you to share your insights and perspectives with your local neighbourhood teams.

If you’re a professional or part of an organisation, reach out to Josefa Baylon to show your interest in joining or supporting a neighbourhood team.

If you’re a resident, there are many ways you can get involved. You can attend community meetings, workshops, and other events organised by your neighbourhood team to share your thoughts, ideas, and talents. Keep an eye out for upcoming meetings and events – we’ll be sharing details soon.

You can also volunteer your time and skills to help with specific projects or initiatives led by the neighbourhood teams. Right now, we’re looking at ways to improve long-term conditions management (like frailty), diabetes care, asthma support, and mental health services in our community.

For more information about INT, including success stories, tips, and helpful resources, visit the Brent ICP website. Together, let’s build a stronger, more connected Brent where everyone’s contributions are valued and celebrated.

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