Help Us Improve Cancer Care: Join the Indigo Community Project

Find out how the Brent community can actively contribute to advancements, provide support and inspire hope for those navigating the challenges of cancer.

By Dr Jonathan Gregory, Honorary Research Fellow, Computational Oncology Group, Clinical lead and Co-Investigator Indigo Community Trial Imperial College London.

Did you know that one out of every two people will be affected by cancer in their lifetime? This staggering statistic means that many of us will inevitably be touched by or know someone who faces the challenges of this disease.

The Indigo Community Research Project is on a mission to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those diagnosed with cancer. But we can’t do it alone—we need your help.

Find out how the Brent community can actively contribute to advancements, provide support and inspire hope for those navigating the challenges of cancer.

The Survey: Empowering Diverse Communities in the Battle Against Cancer

The Indigo Community Project is made up of a team of doctors, scientists, and patient partners from Imperial College London. Our focus is on the long-term impacts of cancer and its treatments on people from all backgrounds who have had any type of cancer.

We know that cancer impacts everyone differently. Some cancers are more common in specific communities, and treatments can vary based on factors like sex or ethnicity. Unfortunately, past research hasn’t always included enough people from all backgrounds.

To change this, we have created a survey for people living with and beyond cancer. This survey asks about their cancer, treatments and current health. By understanding these experiences, we can improve cancer care and the services people use to help manage any late effects from the cancer or its treatment.

We aim to hear from people of all backgrounds to gain insights into life after cancer. This information will help us identify treatments’ long-term effects and which treatments work best for different people. Ultimately, we hope to enhance the care all patients receive.

Eligibility Criteria: Who Can Participate in the Study

Anyone diagnosed with cancer at age 16 or older can participate in our study. If you know someone who has had cancer, please tell them about this project. We have been running the survey for four months, and over 1,500 people in Northwest London have joined, but we need more participants to make a real difference.

We particularly encourage individuals with Black Caribbean, Black African, or Pakistani heritage to share their voices. Our initial findings indicate that we require more input from these communities to ensure our research benefits everyone.

Additionally, we particularly seek more participants aged 80 and above to enhance our understanding of the experiences of older adults.

Participating in the Survey: How to Get Involved

Join Our Survey: If you’ve been impacted by cancer, we invite you to participate in our survey and contribute to enhancing cancer care.

Even if you haven’t personally experienced cancer, please share this blog with anyone you know who has. Together, we can make a meaningful difference.

To participate, simply click the link below.

Thank you for being part of our mission!

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